These 6 breakfast ingredients help against belly fat

Breakfast is known to be the most important meal of the day – and that’s why you shouldn’t skip it! Still, there are of course a few breakfast ingredients that are simply better than others. The following foods are totally healthy, will help you get through the day without cravings and even support your body in shedding annoying belly fat.

6 breakfast ingredients against belly fat

1. Oatmeal

We have already told you here that oatmeal is healthy . But did you know that superfood is also a real all-purpose weapon when it comes to losing weight ? No matter whether as cold muesli or warm porridge – oat flakes are full of protein, long-chain carbohydrates and fiber. If you combine your oatmeal breakfast with berries, your metabolism will be boosted even more.

2. Nuts

Nuts also belong on the breakfast table – maybe as a topping on your muesli? Nuts are particularly rich in fiber, protein, magnesium, calcium and unsaturated fatty acids. The important vitamins E and B are also abundant. Almonds, for example, are particularly popular. Their high protein content keeps you full for a long time and also simplifies muscle building. The dietary fiber contained in the nuts also helps to reduce the feeling of hunger , while vitamin B stimulates the fat metabolism.

3. Green vegetables

Green vegetables are not that classic breakfast ingredient – and yet we would like to warmly recommend them to you. No matter whether leaf spinach, kale or rocket: Green vegetables contain a lot of vitamin C, lower blood pressure and can even inhibit inflammation. The fiber contained in vegetables are considered prebiotics that support the intestines . And since too many bad bacteria can eventually lead to weight gain, that’s a pretty good trait, of course. If you can’t get your vegetables down in the morning, then try your hand at a smoothie made from spinach, chard & co!

4. Beans

Yes, you read that right – from now on you should also have beans on your breakfast table. They provide everything that makes a fat burner breakfast so: few calories, long-chain carbohydrates, fiber and a lot of protein . For example, for every 100 grams of kidney beans there are 24 grams of protein! But be careful, of course we don’t mean the sumptuous English breakfast when we talk about a bean breakfast. Rather, you should mix the little slimming agents in your smoothie or smear them on your bread as a puree. And yes, you are of course also allowed to accompany your scrambled eggs.

5. Eggs

And we can hardly say anything against the typical breakfast egg at this point – on the contrary: Yes, studies have shown that eggs can also help you lose weight. On the one hand, a breakfast with egg content keeps you full longer than bread, muesli & Co. The reason for this is the high protein content . Since eggs hardly contain any sugar, the insulin level does not rise unnecessarily and food cravings are prevented. The high-quality protein also gets the metabolism going.

6. Green tea

Would you like a cup of tea with breakfast? Because yes, this can also help you shed excess pounds – at least if you choose green tea. Green tea stimulates the fat metabolism: if you consume it regularly, the body burns around four percent more fat than usual! According to researchers, this is also one of the reasons why obesity is a rather rare problem in Japan.

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