The Importance of Social Media Marketing (SMM)

How Social Media and Platforms Are Conquering the World

The social network – endless expanses. These are the adventures of the Internet generation who use their mobile devices to explore foreign networks, new profiles and new social media for Social Media marketing.

Inform, Communicate and Interact

Welcome to the colorful world of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok & Co. The selection is large and, in terms of necessity, also depends on many other factors. As digitization progresses, it becomes clear that social media marketing is not important, it is indispensable. Because they all post, share, like, follow, tweet and comment. It is always important that the social media strategy is embedded in a complete sales and marketing strategy, such as an inbound marketing strategy .

Social media has a very clear background: Present yourself to the public, make a name for yourself and increase awareness. A rich buffet of online platforms is available to anyone who wants to be seen or heard. For companies it is primarily about strengthening the brand, getting information and building customer loyalty. And not about selling something. The increase in sales is, as long as the instrument of social media is used correctly, a happy side effect.

‍Talking Is Silver, Listening Is Gold

The first step for successful social media marketing is to use analyzes – especially of target groups (or) – to first sort out who you want to reach and for what. Subsequently, it can then be determined which platforms or social networks are available.

Anyone Who Says “marketing” Must Also Say “social” – but Above All Be Attentive

The downside of the social media hype: At the same time, the investment costs for analysis and personnel are also increasing. If there is not enough budget available to invest in costly statistics or specialists, take advantage of your existing customers. With your own survey you get valuable information about the target groups to be addressed and their needs at the same time. Another advantage is that the customer realizes that his opinion is of crucial importance. Because social media is not just about speaking and broadcasting, social media is also about active listening. The motivations of users for being on social networks are of course different from those of a company. It is all the more important to know them.

One shows that the search for products, services and information takes place on the Internet.

89% of private internet activities consist of searching for information, products and services.
Incidentally, there is also an interesting overview of different approaches to the topic of social media at HubSpot.

One Goal but Many Channels – and There Are More and More …

Logically, the best way to reach your target group is via the social media channels on which they enjoy spending a lot of time. The high degree of transience of social networks poses just as much a challenge as the flourishing growth and the necessary investments (money, time and personnel). Not only are there countless platforms that are diligently multiplying, the interest of future generations is also changing rapidly. What was up-to-date yesterday may already be obsolete tomorrow.

If you ask a 15-year-old today, you have to realize that Facebook is now rather unsubscribed for today’s youth. Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and the sharing of so-called stories are currently hard to come by. And who knows how much longer …

However, this does not mean that Facebook no longer plays a role. Despite every study, Facebook is still one of the strongest channels for establishing brands. From this it can be concluded that it is not enough to find out what is currently trendy. If you want to operate social media successfully, you always have to be and stay with the times.

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Communicate at Eye Level

Speaking or at least understanding the language of the target group is at least as important as being informed. What is successfully used in sales and psychology is a powerful tool, especially in social media: the relationship level. Whatever goal you are pursuing through the use of social media marketing: It is important to have the right communication and understanding of the target group.

The interpersonal interaction creates trust. And both that trust and popularity should mean that your product will virtually sell itself. After all, the personal recommendation or assessment of like-minded people about a product is more credible than that of the marketer himself.

Clear the Stage for Influencers

Nothing is as compelling as the recommendation or opinion of a crowd favorite. Influencers are ambassadors, experts and role models at the same time. That is why they play an important and, above all, powerful role in social media marketing. Influencers are well-known people who use their reputation on social networks to positively influence potential customers. They have popular influence, have a high reach and usually gather a large community (or followers) around them who are already receptive to their offer.

The strategy can only work if you choose the right influencer. Factors such as industry, reach, audience or channels form an essential guideline and should suit your own product or company. An influencer with a teenage audience will be less effective at recommending properties.

Cooperation with the right influencers can be extremely valuable.

“Ducks lay their eggs in silence. Chickens cluck like crazy. What is the consequence? The whole world eats chicken eggs. ”
Henry Ford

Good Tool, Half the Job

To publish articles directly in all selected networks, to create campaigns or to track, compare, plan and measure – various tools are available here that make your work much easier and save a lot of time.

  • Professional, extensive and clear. HubSpot really offers everything a marketing heart desires.
  • The German origin in particular makes this tool very helpful in terms of data protection or standards.
  • With the free basic version, articles can be published and analyzed on several channels according to a schedule.
  • One of the most comprehensive tools that covers a wide variety of channels. After a 30-day test version, however, the tool is subject to a charge.
  • The link fluence tool is valuable but also a little more expensive than the competition thanks to its enormous analysis options and a complete CRM system.


With the right resources, social media marketing is a very powerful tool to effectively improve sales, brand awareness or image. Dialogue with potential customers is wanted today and brings a lot of added value. But be careful: many opportunities also mean many risks. If you don’t know your target group or are using the wrong strategy, you can quickly stumble into one or the other faux pas.