7 Most Famous Brands For Comfortable Shoes

The term “comfort shoes” possibly goes back to the “Bär Manufaktur”. But brands such as Ecco, Jacoform, Mephisto or Birkenstock can also infect a glory sheet when it comes to comfortable and healthy shoes. The level of awareness of Jacoform among the younger generation is not comparable to the level of awareness that the seven companies presented here can claim for themselves. At least one mention should be made of the super comfortable Jacoform shoes. The same applies to the popular Ecco brand. In this case, however, the shoes vary in comfort.

Mephisto or Birkenstock would not have to be advertised as a globally successful manufacturer of comfort shoes. Mephisto has long since left his traditional line. The company is now also addressing young people. Birkenstock is meanwhile also a hit in the USA – but from an orthopedic point of view, the typical Birkenstock sole construction has the disadvantage of drifting the forefoot apart. This can exacerbate existing foot problems. Nevertheless, Birkenstock’s comfortable shoes must also be mentioned here. The brand is well known.

Comfortable shoes: what is it actually?

The advertising claim that the shoes are the most comfortable on the market is no longer enough. The term “convenience” can also be interpreted in different ways. The term also arouses certain expectations. Comfortable shoes are often a must for older people – for example because of a diabetic foot. But very few comfortable shoes actually meet the health requirements of footwear in all respects. As a result, not every comfort shoe is suitable for every problem foot. Especially diabetics with foot problems should make sure that they wear suitable comfortable shoes.

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Today, wearing comfort is a requirement that is met by cushioned insoles, soft types of leather or wide forefeet. Each shoe manufacturer presented here has its own concept. Many people treat themselves to uncomfortable but fashionable shoes for half their lives. The feet that have been strained for years will punish these shoe buyers at the end of a longer period of wear. Corns, misaligned toes and aching pads can occur as a result of uncomfortable shoes. There are now many shoe manufacturers who also have something to offer in terms of fashion. The professionals from schuhediegesundmachen de have meticulously dedicated themselves to the topic. So let’s take a look at the seven manufacturers whose brands are most widely known.

1. Bear shoes

The comfort shoe brand “Bär Shoes” from Bietigheim-Bissingen has been established on the market for almost 40 years. The family business has become an export hit with its manufactory comfort shoes. Fashionable looks and features that are healthy for the feet are paired here with consistently high processing quality. All Bär comfort shoes are not mass-produced, but stylish manufactured shoes with a healthy inner workings. Typical Bär features are zero heel, freedom of toes and the excellent repair service for all types of soles. The leather of worn shoes is also pimped up again by Bär. 

There is a large selection of models for Bär comfort shoes. In terms of style, nothing is left to be desired – from classic office shoes to profiled hiking shoes, from barefoot shoes to sports sneakers to women’s sandals, everything you need is on offer. Purchases can be made conveniently online, via the Bär catalog or directly in the Bär branch in Bietigheim. Bär’s advice and repair service is legendary. So is the quality of the bear shoes. Bär offers a 36 month guarantee on every shoe with a clear conscience. In addition to comfortable shoes, Bär now also offers other leather goods. In terms of price, Bär is in the upper segment. But the quality and durability of the Bär comfort shoes make up for this investment.

2. Avena shoes

The company “Avena” started as a health mail order company at the end of the nineties. Based in Bad Kreuznach, Avena soon became known with its own line of comfortable shoes. Avena shoes are also available in a pleasantly wide range. The provider advertises regularly via inserts in television magazines. More conventionally fashionable than Bär, Avena is aimed at a slightly older audience over forty. The health range is aimed primarily at people with diabetes and other diseases who appreciate health products. Avena shoes are made from soft types of leather. They are suitable for wider feet. Many Avena models can also be worn with problem feet. 

Avena shoes are also a good choice for people with diabetic feet, foot problems such as corns or aching pads, and deformities such as hallux valgus. Avenas prophylaxis models are designed to prevent pressure discomfort or pain in advance. Orthopedic insoles can be inserted thanks to exchangeable insoles. The special roller soles of some shoe models are intended to improve rolling. At Avena, foot health is more important than fashionable frills. The Avena models can be ordered via the in-house catalog, Amazon or the company website.

3. Think! Shoes

The “Think!” Brand became a household name at the end of the 1990s with its beautiful, comfortable and sustainably manufactured shoes. In the scene of ecologically interested people, this comfortable shoe brand from Austria has been known for a long time. Fashionably individual and strikingly beautifully designed, Think “shoes also offer an interior that is extremely comfortable. Qualitative aspects are just as important to the company as ecological or social aspects. 

The unmistakable Think design is a real eye-catcher. Typical features of Think! are free of harmful substances, ergonomic fit, sustainable production, unmistakable fashionable appearance, traceability of all materials and fair working conditions. Think! In addition, it does not produce mass-produced goods, but rather makes all shoes by hand. Repairs to worn Think! Shoes are possible. A healthy foot climate is guaranteed with all Think! Models.

4. Finn Comfort Shoes

Finn Comfort is the most recommendable brand of comfort shoes among orthopedic surgeons because all insoles can be exchanged for orthopedic insoles. The German manufacturer basically produces its Finn Comfort shoes in Germany. 

Finn Comfort offers several differently designed shoe lines. In the “Finnamic” line, a special roll-on sole supports the natural movement sequences. The “FinnSlim” series was specially designed for smaller and narrower feet. With the “Finn Comfort Prophylaxe” shoe series, sensitive feet that are susceptible to pressure points should experience more comfort. These Finn Comfort shoes can also be used as diabetic shoes. 

The “FinnOrtho” health shoes can also be worn by diabetics. These diabetic shoes can even be prescribed by prescription. You need your own insole, because the Ortho series from Finn Comfort does not come with an insole. Anyone who already has pressure points and poorly healing wounds on their feet wears this Finn Comfort series. The “FinnStretch” comfortable shoes are for Thought people with hallux valgus or hallux , hammer toes and corns. The elastic material does not cause any pressure points. 

Finn Comfort also offers comfortable hiking shoes with roll-on soles and Sympatex membranes. It really couldn’t be more comfortable. In terms of price, Finn Comfort shoes are also in the upper segment.

5. Josef Seibel shoes

With his “European Comfort Shoe”, Josef Seibel offers comfort in traditional style. The Palatinate company also offers a large selection of shoe models. Typical features of Josef Seibel shoes are a fashionable line, ergonomic fit, high wearing comfort and high quality material including leather insoles. Jose Seibel offers a high quality craftsmanship that enables a healthy foot climate. 

Various shoe widths at Josef Seibel comfort shoes ensure that every buyer can find a suitable comfort shoe. The high-quality workmanship and the classic shoe models appeal to many people. Josef Seibel models can be found in many online retailers such as Otto or Amazon. They are also available on the company’s website.

6. Wolky shoes

With Wolky shoes, the name says it all. Comfort is paramount here. The unmistakable moccasin look of many Wolky lace-up shoes is an important feature of the Dutch. The Dutch company has established itself on the market since 1982. The range includes comfort shoes with exchangeable leather footbeds. The available shoe models are divided into 18 product groups. 

Typical features of Wolky comfort shoes are the memory foam soles, cushioning polyurethane midsoles as well as flexible soles and the processing of first-class leather types. The popular Wolky models can now be found in many online shops, some of them at Otto Versand and Amazon.

7. Vionic shoes

Vionic shoes are made in distant Australia. These comfortable shoes are well known around the world. Americans in particular prefer to wear comfortable shoes from this brand. Vionic has not yet gained such a strong foothold in Germany. But that will probably change soon. The founder of the company was a podiatrist by profession. It is understandable that he took it seriously when it came to foot health. 

Vionic was founded in 1979. Amazon and Mirapodo offer many Vionic comfort shoes. Orthopedic and biomechanical expertise is incorporated into every Vionic model. A typical feature of this manufacturer is the “Orthaheel technology” that he invented. This supports the foot and relieves it.

Comfortable Shoes For Foot Health

Healthy feet and comfortable shoes – this often results in a healthy back and improved posture. From a young age, everyone should take care not to put too tight, too high or shoes made with toxic materials on their feet. Otherwise, foot problems are unavoidable in later years. A replaceable and anatomically correct footbed is a minimum requirement for comfortable shoes. 

Comfortable shoes should also fit the foot in terms of fit. A high instep or a wide forefoot should also be taken into account, as well as narrow and graceful feet. The shoe should provide support without pressing. Therefore, most comfortable shoes are not mass-produced from the factory. They are largely made manually in numerous manual steps. Occasionally, machine support services are built in that cannot be managed by hand.

Every foot is different. Often enough, the feet are not identical in length. Feet can vary in length from half a size to a full size. Bad footwear can cause foot problems or worsen existing ones. Anyone who already has foot problems should pay attention to comfortable footwear for problem feet. Comfortable shoes should have an excellent fit, high wearing comfort, support for the arch of the foot and exchangeable insoles. The outsole should be grippy and flexible. Good cushioning, soft leathers or softly padded heel zones make sense. 

Synthetic materials are bad for the foot climate. They favor skin and nail fungus. Real leather shoes made from vegetable tanning are preferred. The fastening system for comfortable shoes should ensure a good fit with Velcro straps, individual lacing or elastic inserts. Comfortable shoes should be able to adapt to the individual foot shape. It shouldn’t be the other way around – the foot shouldn’t have to adapt to the shape of the shoe. Problem feet shouldn’t even arise with comfortable shoes. 

If there are already foot problems, those affected should from now on only wear comfortable, high-quality shoes. Nowadays all manufacturers consider fashion aspects in this range. Nevertheless, each of them represents a recognizable line of their own.

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