15 meaningful tasks for stressful business times that are done in no time

Most of the days, I love my online business and my to-do list, or rather, the deletion of completed to-dos.

But there are also other days when I’m tired, stressed and a bit grumpy sipping my coffee and having the feeling that nothing goes on. (Even if this feeling often deceives me and at the end of the day I am amazed at what I have achieved.)

Lately there have unfortunately been more tired days, because we as a family are really challenged with home office, home schooling and home whatever, there is nothing to gloss over.

  • Do you also have the feeling that you always have too little time?
  • Do you still want to do something useful for your business?

Then I have collected 15 tasks for you that will advance your business and be done in no time.

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1 – Clean up your Workplace

Tidying up is probably the task that you are currently least keen on because you are always cleaning up after everyone else.

That is precisely why you should create order. Because this allows your workplace to become an oasis of calm in the already stressful everyday life and help you to find your focus faster while working.

Task: Get your workplace in order. Dispose of things that you no longer need there and place your favorite items within sight.

2 – Celebrate your “win of the week”

How do you deal with successes? Do you quickly tick them off so you can jump straight into the next task? Or do you take the time to celebrate your successes?

In stressful times, I often find it difficult to pause and consciously enjoy my successes . It is particularly important to be proud and grateful in order to keep motivation high.

Therefore I would like to invite you to reserve 5 minutes every week in your calendar to record and celebrate your “win of the week”.

The best thing to do is to start right away. Here are a few suggestions:
  • Keep a success journal.
  • Write down your successes on colorful sticky notes and collect them, clearly visible, in a pickle jar.
  • Establish “success celebrations” also in exchange with female colleagues.

Task: Share your “win of the week” with us in the comments and let’s celebrate together.

3 – Write down and prioritize your tasks

When there is a lot to do, chaos can quickly arise in the mind. You feel like you’re rushing from one task to the next.

I’ve got used to writing down all my tasks, no matter how small. That helps me a lot because it eliminates the annoying feeling of having forgotten something.

In the next step, I prioritize my tasks. I think about what is important and what can wait. In addition, I have recently been consciously trying to do the “most unpleasant” task first, which makes all the other things feel like little rewards.

I prefer to use my book calendar in the classic way or the Microsoft To Do app on the go .

Task: Write down all the thoughts and to-dos that are currently going through your head. Whether family, business or your shopping list.

4 – Make a backup of your website

Do you know the last time you took a full backup of your website?

If it’s been a while or you may not even remember it, now is the right time.

By the way, I always recommend my customers a combination of automatic backups and manual backups that you create yourself before every update of your website.

The advantage of manual backups is that you can selectively restore individual plugins or your theme if something goes wrong during an update.

Take a look at my instructions ” Create and restore WordPress backups “.

Task: Create a manual backup of your website today and set a reminder in your calendar for the next backup in a month at the latest.

5 – Install the latest updates

WordPress has a great and very active community. Developers around the world are working around the clock to improve this system.

You benefit from these improvements through regular updates of WordPress itself, your theme and your plugins.

Please make sure to apply these updates promptly to keep your system safe and stable.

The correct sequence of updates by the way:
  • Backup
  • Plugins
  • Themes
  • WordPress

Task: Create a manual backup of your website, yes I’ll repeat myself, and import all current updates.

6 – Take care of your emails

Email is the most widespread means of communication around the world. So that you always have your inbox under control even on stressful days, I would like to recommend 5 tips to you:

  • Do not react to every “ping” of an incoming email, it will only tear you out of concentration.
  • Take time to answer emails twice a day.
  • Delete or archive emails that do not require a response.
  • Answer emails that require little effort immediately.
  • If an email requires more attention, let the other person know by when you will reply.

Task: Process all emails you received today on the basis of these 5 tips and look forward to a tidy inbox.

7 – Maintain your customer relationships

I work very closely and intensively with my customers. In doing so, I often get insights that go beyond our joint project and this often results in long-term customer relationships that I really appreciate.

For me, this also includes asking from time to time how things are going or meeting former customers for a (virtual) coffee at casual intervals.

So we stay in conversation and clear up minor ailments in a very uncomplicated way while having a good conversation.

Task: Write a nice email to a former customer and ask how things are going and what has happened in the last few weeks.

8 – Create email templates

Templates are simply great because you don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel, which saves you a lot of time. Apart from that, you strengthen your brand with a uniform appearance and that is worth its weight in gold anyway.

I love templates and use them in every area of ​​my business, for my subjects, my workbooks, my processes, my offers, my invoices, … and my emails.

This means I always have the right words ready and can also elegantly communicate supposedly unpleasant topics such as rejections at any time.

Task: Think about which emails you send over and over again and collect appropriate text passages from messages that have already been sent, on which you can build on in the future.

9 – Unsubscribe from uninteresting newsletters

Too many emails end up in my inbox and to be honest, I don’t really have the time to read them all and I just delete many of them.

Some newsletters just don’t interest me anymore because my needs have changed.

So every now and then I muck out and cancel subscriptions to newsletters that currently no longer suit me. Because even if you delete the newsletter directly, it costs you unnecessarily time.

Task: Check your inbox and cancel any newsletters that you no longer read. You will see that it feels very liberating.

10 – Control income and expenses

Hand on your heart! How are you doing with your accounting? Do you always keep an eye on your income and expenses or do you laboriously collect all receipts once a month?

I admit that I enjoy doing my bookkeeping because I find it exciting to see how my numbers develop.

But not everyone is a numbers person, and that’s perfectly fine. That’s why many of my colleagues like to outsource their bookkeeping.

Task: Bring your bills into shape and sort your receipts. Or finally choose an accountant if this topic has been getting on your nerves for a long time.

11 – Prepare your next blog post

I am one of those people who enjoy writing a lot. Nevertheless, I can’t just shake new blog articles off my wrist.

That’s why my most important task when preparing a new blog article is brainstorming . Old-fashioned with pen and paper. This automatically creates a first grouping of interesting facts, which later makes it easier for me to structure the article.

On the basis of this preparation, I then also create articles like this one with almost 2000 words.

In my article, “ This is how a blog post for miss-webdesign.at is created ”, I will take you behind the scenes and tell you which steps I consider to be part of a good article.

Task: Take a pen and paper and prepare your next blog article or the one after that. You will see that the writing itself will then be much easier for you.

12 – Reply to comments on your blog

Aren’t we all a little lazy when it comes to commenting? We look forward to every comment on our own blog, at least that’s how it is for me.

That’s why I try to answer every comment, even if it’s just a thank you.

And that is done really quickly, but an appreciation that gives pleasure.

If you have a little more time, take heart and comment on one of your favorite blogs.

Task: Answer at least 3 comments on your blog and leave a comment on another blog this week.

13 – Prepare your social media posts

I just take a quick look at Pinterest … zack, 2 hours past again. When I’m on the social networks, I can wonderfully overlook the time.

Are you familiar with that?

Social media offers so many possibilities, but it is also an enormous time waster and demands a lot of attention.

You can remedy a little by concentrating on fewer networks, but consistently recording them and planning your content in advance.

Helpful social media tools:
  • Tailwind * for Pinterest
  • Planoly * for Instagram
  • Publer for Facebook (I’ve only recently started testing )

Task: Plan your social media posts in your most important network for the next week.

14 – Take a break

Regular breaks bring you forward, even if that sounds paradoxical at first. In the training theory it even says “regeneration = increase in performance”.

Schedule regular breaks, it’s best to set a timer for them and really get up from your desk. Take the opportunity to get a fresh glass of water, we often drink far too little anyway.

So you kill two birds with one stone. You get other thoughts and provide your body with important fluids.

Task: Take a short break right now to take a deep breath, drink a glass of water and sort your thoughts.

15 – Take care of yourself and your needs

When nothing works anymore, and sometimes there are these days, it’s time to take a step down a gear.

You don’t have to keep running at full speed to be there for everyone else and your business. First and foremost, it is important that you are doing well, because then you will also be able to tackle all the upcoming challenges with more success and serenity.

Task: Treat yourself to a break without a guilty conscience. Take a walk, meet for a coffee, read a good book, take a bubble bath, switch off and just enjoy yourself. You deserve it.

Ok, the article is now quite long and was probably not read in a jiffy … but that’s not what it was about, but about meaningful tasks that will help you and your business even when there is little time.

In any case, I’m looking forward to your feedback and additions.

Leave me a comment and tell me what your focus is on to move forward during stressful times.

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