10 Motivational Tips for Losing Weight

New year, new luck: As you probably have often done at this time of year, you vowed to get serious about your desire to lose weight this time – and finally to put the last, pesky pounds behind you. So that this great wish, which you have in common with millions of Germans, finally becomes your own personal success story, Blogging Leads has eight motivational tips for you to lose weight, with which you can find your way to the figure goal and also master it!

We wish you every success – and have fun with your new dream figure!

Motivation to lose weight: 10 tips that will get you there …

1. Realism brings success

Only strive for what you can really achieve – and that step by step. Expectations that are too high only lead to unnecessary frustration if they fail. Interesting: Most of the people in the Blogging Leads community who want to lose weight only want to lose 3 to 5 kilos – and that can really be achieved.

2. Push your ego

Strengthen your self – tell yourself: “I want to achieve this”! And then put this heroic statement into the correct tense: “I will achieve it”! Your belief in yourself is unbeatable.

3. Don’t stress yourself – have fun!

You have set yourself a really great goal – and you know how “hard” it is to achieve, to feel (er) light. Please don’t stress yourself too much, don’t keep on the scales, give yourself and your body time to get used to your new life.

4. Practice positive thinking

Rather enjoy every little progress and ignore negative emotions. For example, it doesn’t help to have a guilty conscience because of sporadic feasts or temporary training interruptions. It just tortures and paralyzes. Take it easy, that’s life, and go back to business tomorrow, relaxed and focused. You don’t get fat in one day – and you don’t get slim either …

5. Eat less often – but not necessarily less

The latest food findings say: Our fat burning starts wonderfully after a four-hour break from eating. Small portions in between time and again override this process. If you feel like doing something small in between: Drink a large glass of water, a black coffee or a large mug of tea. They don’t put a strain on you and give you the chance to train, especially in the evening. Light, low-carb food, especially in the evening, also contributes to a sense of well-being, is less tiring than heavy meals and, thanks to the slim-while-sleep principle, helps burn fat at night.

6. Test what suits you!

Nutritional concepts are a dime a dozen. First check what really suits you – here we will help you. And if you really struggle with something, it’s not for you either!

7. Build sport into your life …

… if it is not already part of your life. The easiest and most effective is running or weight training in the gym or at home. Need some inspiration? With this book , everyone can start running. And you can find inspiration for home workouts on the Blogging Leads YouTube account.

8. Get feedback

Actively involve your environment, whether they want it or not. Tell honestly about your successes and also about some hardships. Maybe you will find fellow campaigners faster than you think – many things are easier together!

9. Show yourself and don’t hold back with success

If the new body awareness slowly gains the upper hand, then live it out: just don’t be stingy with the new stimuli. There is an intimate connection between body awareness and self-confidence, both positive and negative – and it would be a sin to just let this flow ebb away. And hang up a picture of your “new” you at home.

10. Healthy on the go

Do you find it difficult to grab healthy snacks on the go? Meal prep is the keyword. The easiest way is to cook larger portions in the evening and fill them in practical meal prep boxes for the next day. Not only does it save calories, it also saves time and money.

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Motivation to lose weight: activate the reward system!

If all of this plus better health plus more fitness is not enough as an incentive to lose weight – then an injection of money might work wonders for you! In a study (source: “Journal of the American Medical Association”) with 57 severely overweight subjects, scientists from the University of Pennsylvania found that the promise of a quick financial reward had a positive effect.

  • The mostly male participants were assigned one of two incentive systems by the research team: They could take part in a lottery every day – or, alternatively, deposit a small amount of money into an account every day, which was continuously increased by the scientists. However, they could only reap their winnings or their deposit if they achieved their monthly goal while losing weight.
  • For purposes of comparison, some of the test subjects received no financial incentive, but were only weighed regularly like the other participants.
  • The goal for all subjects was to lose 750 grams per week for the 16 weeks of the program.

Goodies if the goal is achieved: It works!

The result: While around half of the test subjects in the two incentive groups achieved the goal, only one in ten in the comparison group lost the intended twelve kilograms. Study leader Kevin G. Volpp attributes this to the fact that it is extremely difficult for people to forego a pleasure in the present if the reward is to come at some point in the distant future. In contrast, the prospect of getting money relatively immediately can hardly be ignored. Various other studies with similar financial incentive motives also came to similar results!

Your lesson from this: Get yourself a piggy bank and / or ask your partner, friends, family to act as your character “godparents” and every now and then for a small donation (instead of birthday presents for this year!). Or reward yourself by setting intermediate goals and then throwing something into it yourself when you reach it. And then take the money for a wish that you want to fulfill – from a visit to the new movie to your new favorite jeans one hip size smaller!

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